When will ‘You’ Season 3 premiere on Netflix throughout the world


You, in case you didn’t know, is a Netflix original series that was acquired from Lifetime after the first season. It is based on Caroline Kepnes’ novel of the same name and follows Joe Goldberg as he travels from New York to Los Angeles in season two before settling down more in season three.

Here’s what to expect in season 3 of You: “In Season 3, Joe and Love, now married and raising their kid, have moved to Madre Linda, a sunny Northern California enclave filled by affluent tech entrepreneurs, judgmental mommy bloggers, and Insta-famous biohackers.” We’ll meet Papa Joe again in the third season of You in just a few hours. The highly anticipated series chronicles Joe’s adventure and will be accessible as soon as it is released. 

You Season 3 – Details on the release date, time, and time zone

As you are undoubtedly aware, Netflix is based in Los Angeles and hence adds new titles at 12:01 a.m. Because time isn’t the same everywhere, you’ll need to convert it to discover when it’ll arrive where you live. You may be staying up late or getting up early depending on where you reside. Our conversion chart is shown below, with GMT -7 displayed first.

  •         Pacific Standard Time 12:00 AM (GMT-7)
  •         Mountain Standard Time    01:00 AM (GMT-6)
  •         Central Standard Time        02:00 AM (GMT-5)
  •         Eastern Daylight Time        03:00 AM (GMT-4)
  •         Brasilia Standard Time       04:00 AM (GMT-3)
  •         British Summer Time  08:00 AM (GMT +1)
  •         Central European Summer Time    09:00 AM (GMT+2)
  •         Eastern European Summer Time    10:00 AM (GMT+3)
  •         India Standard Time   13:30 PM (GMT+5:30)
  •         Philippine Time (PHT)       15:00 (GMT+8:00)
  •         Japan Standard Time   16:00 PM (GMT+9)
  •         Australian Eastern Time     18:00 PM (GMT+10)
  •         New Zealand Standard Time  19:00 PM (GMT+11)

Although Netflix releases new seasons on a regular basis, you may not view the show instantly on your Netflix. This is very probably due to caching, and you’ll need to perform certain basic activities in order for it to appear.

Your best bet is to reload the Netflix app. Navigate to the help section on mobile or app versions of Netflix (for example, Netflix on your Roku, Fire Stick, or Smart TV) and click the reload Netflix button. If that isn’t the case, sign out and back in, which has the same effect.

If you’re using a web browser, you may need to refresh your cache or exit and reopen the page. While we don’t recommend watching all of the episodes at once (binge remorse is real), doing so does not imply you’ve reached the finish. You received a season 4 renewal earlier this week, implying that there would be more to come.

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