Where is Andrew McCarthy from Pretty in Pink these days?

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Hughes “Pretty in Pink,” a drama of a newborn girl from the wrong side of tracks for a man who is far above her on the social ladder, was one of the best-loved young romances of the century – because he has money, and she doesn’t. The movie stars Andie, the protagonist of the film, Molly Ringwald, and Blaine is played by one of the most appreciated members of Brat Pack, Andrew McCarthy, with a unique sensation of fashion.

McCarthy was a fantasy guy in every girl’s eighties known for his boyish good looks and baby blues. McCarthy made the audience swoon in ‘St. Elmo’s fire’ before playing “Pretty in Pink,” and then starred on the Rom-com fantasy in 1987: “Mannequin.”

And of course, in the ridiculous yet funny “Weekend at Bernie’s,” who can forget his outrageous antics alongside John Silverman? Although McCarthy was a giant presence for years, his public awareness progressively disappeared when the 1980s and the ’90s began. So where did he go now, and what does he do?

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Andrew McCarthy might have gone out of the focus, but he did not fully disappear. McCarthy continued in several films during the 1990s – albeit unhappily, the most were critical and financial failures. In 1993, he came back to “Weekend at Bernie’s 2′,” but his influence was distant from his predecessor.

Also, in 1993 he appeared with Ted, Rose’s unfaithful husband, “The Joy Luck Club.” The large-screen presence of McCarthy was almost non-existent by the 2000s. Instead, it was on TV with several TV films, as well as “law and order: SVU” and “The Twilight Zone” guests. He also found his way onto television. In a novel by Lars von Trier, he founded his position as the star of “Kingdom Hospital,” a supernatural drama written by Stephen King. In the 2000s, McCarthy continued to play varied roles, but in the 2010s, he decided to plug into new creative avenues.

Andrew McCarthy found a new means of expressing his creativity and a love for travel while he continued his activity: writing. As a feature writer and then editor in the late 2000s, McCarthy became a National Geographic Traveler magazine member. He has earned several prizes for his writing over the years. In May 2021, he published “Brat: an 80s Story,” his latest book, in which the previous teen idolatrous status was finally agreed upon.

McCarthy has also taken the camera and tried his hand as a filmmaker and acting and writing. He conducted 15 episodes of “Orange Is the New Black,”  three episodes from the “Good Girls”, and 19 from the spirited NBC-style theatre “The Blacklist.” It is the first of its kind in the world.

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