The Office has by far become the most watched across TV and Netflix, the official streaming partner of the show since its ending in 2013. The show was popular in its TV days also but it was the availability of it on Netflix that popularized it in a way TV could never do. Now soon the agreement between the show owner NBC network and Netflix will be over. Do not worry as we bring to you today all the best places where you will be able continue watching your favorite show after the agreement will be over. 


Peacock is the online streaming service of NBC network. The platform is the exclusive service for all the NBC shows. It was launched in the April of 2020 and The Office will be available on the service for streaming from January 2021. The streaming service is available in three subscription options. Option one is ‘Limited’ and is free of cost. Option two is ‘All-Inclusive’ with ads for $5. Option three is ‘All-Inclusive’ without ads for $10. The streaming service will also show some unseen footage of The Office to audiences for the time.


The online streaming service of Walt Disney Company will also stream the show once it is no more available on Netflix. The streaming service is available for $5.99 per month. There are no subscription options for the service but it is offering a free trail of one month. The Office will be available on it from January 2021. In addition to the American version, Hulu is also offering the original U.K. version of the show as well.


Amazon Prime is the best option for you if you are looking especially for the U.K. version of the show. At $12.99 per month you will also enjoy free deliveries on orders for that month along with free song downloads on Amazon Music that comes free with Amazon Prime membership. You can also opt for a yearly subscription for $119. 

These three are the best options for watching The Office, be it the American version or the U.K version. We leave the final decision up to you.


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