Where You’ve Seen These Voice Actors Before in Batman: The Long Halloween.


Jensen Ackles voices the Caped Crusader in The Long Halloween, which marks a break from previous Batman voice actors. Ackles is best known for voicing Jason Todd, the Red Hood, in the animated Batman feature Under The Red Hood.

The CW’s horror-fantasy series Supernatural, which ran for an unprecedented 15 seasons before 2020, also featured Ackles as a recurring cast member. In Gotham City, Ackles portrays a youthful Bruce Wayne/Batman in the comparatively early days of his crime-fighting career. He gave credibility to a guy making waves in Gotham’s criminal underground without comprehending how far the rabbit hole could go.

In The Long Halloween, actor Josh Duhamel contributes his voice to bring Two-Face to life in a brand new animated origin storey. As William Lennox in the first live-action Transformers film from 2007, Duhamel starred in a notable performance in The Long Halloween.

Richard Moll, who played Two-Face in the 1990s animated Batman series, is a perfect fit for the part. Also, Duhamel excels at portraying both Dent and Two-Face, making a distinct boundary between the two personas. In many ways, the two are opposites.

Along Came A Spider and Mafia! were two of Billy Burke’s early films in Hollywood. During that time, he’s appeared in the Twilight series, Drive Angry, and the firefighter’s thriller Ladder 49, among others. A great change of pace is provided by Burke’s portrayal of James Gordon in The Long Halloween.

In particular, his relationship with Batman and Harvey Dent resonates with the rest of the characters. When Burke speaks, he does so as a Commissioner who hasn’t yet grown tired by insurmountable crime. Though he’s realistic, he’s still optimistic. Gordon has never been more lively as when Burke brings it out.

In addition to her work on Family Matters, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and American Dad!, Naya Rivera has also appeared in Glee and American Dad! Sadly, Rivera drowned in the year 2020, resulting in his death.

In The Long Halloween, Rivera played Selina Kyle/Catwoman, one of her final film appearances. She embodied the persona of Selina Kyle and her feline alter ego with ease, bringing spirit and vitality to the role. As a result, Catwoman became one of the most endearing characters in the picture, thanks to her.

Alastair Duncan has an outstanding resume, even if it’s difficult to locate the face. As Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth in The Long Halloween, Duncan depicts him with regal dignity and stature. His credits include anything from 1990s sitcom Blossom to parts in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Garrus in Mass Effect.

Classic Alfred, voiced by an actor who can bring out that distinct elegance and grace, demonstrates that Alfred has what it takes to work with the Dark Knight! As a younger Batman, Duncan lends the role a feeling of weight and authority, especially for a character who is still dealing with many challenges.


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