Which MCU character did Dwayne Johnson discuss playing?


Several Marvel characters might have been brought to life by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had he been in the MCU. Despite the fact that the actor has not been offered a Marvel part, it has been revealed that there have been discussions about the potential. However, due to his role as the titular anti-hero in Black Adam for the DCEU, he is unlikely to make an appearance in the MCU.

Since Dwyane Johnson is one of the most popular action stars of his age, fans have been screaming for him to portray a big superhero for years. There were a lot of names thrown around due to the large number of heroes and villains in both libraries. Johnson’s DC character, Black Adam, was one of them. In 2014, the official casting was announced for the film. It’s taken a while, but Black Adam is finally coming together and is now planned for publication in July 2022.

With Johnson in Black Adam, The Rock’s chances of appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe look to be dwindling. In any case, a Marvel movie part might have occurred. “A few concepts” were discussed with Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige, according to Johnson’s producer Alex Garcia. They were never taken seriously, but it’s interesting thinking about the potential outcomes if they had been. The Rock could have played every Marvel character in the MCU.

Namor The Sub-Mariner

There’s no reason why The Rock couldn’t have played Namor the Sub-Mariner if he can pull off Black Adam. A lot of similarities exist between the two protagonists. One or both of them is an immensely strong hero renowned for working in morally murky areas Black Adam and Namor have established a reputation as hostile, gloomy characters whose aims often put them at conflict with their fellow superheroes through decades of comic book appearances. On the basis of this, it is reasonable to assume Namor possessed the same traits that attracted DC (a part that reportedly now belongs to Tenoch Huerta in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever).


Hyperion may have been The Rock’s Superman role more than Black Adam. A number of Hyperion’s powers as an Eternal make him similar to the Man of Steel in terms of power. When it comes to strength, he’s shown he can take on the toughest heroes Marvel has to offer, like Hercules and the Hulk.

Superhero team the Squadron Supreme is commanded by Hyperion, and it’s universe is inspired by DC comics. Each member of the Squadron Supreme was designed to resemble a DC hero, with Hyperion being the team’s version of the Man of Steel, of course. Because his concept of heroism is closer to Kal-than El’s Black Adam’s, the Hyperion character might have been a fun spin on the Superman template.

The Thing

Most iconic Marvel character that Johnson could play would be Ben Grimm from the Fantastic Four. Marvel could have used CGI to turn The Rock into The Thing if this had happened. In addition to his star power and passion, Johnson would have brought a whole new level of excitement to the third live-action Fantastic Four movie and the first one from Marvel Studios. Johnson’s Marvel persona should also be one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. And his comic skills may strengthen the team’s chemistry, since his interactions with characters like Human Torch and Mr. Fantastic would be essential to the film’s plot and tone.

Black Bolt

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Bolt might be one of Johnson’s most fascinating and demanding parts. Even though Anson Mount did a good job portraying the role in ABC”s Inhuman”s, the show’s failure means that a complete relaunch in the movies or on Disney+ would be necessary if Inhumans were to return.

In the absence of Black Adam, Johnson might have played the mute Inhuman monarch, whose super-powered voice chords cause so much destruction that he can’t talk at all. Faces and body language would be used to portray a wide range of emotions in this role, as there is no conversation. Johnson may have been able to pull this off in a remarkable manner.


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