Which Rap biopic do you like? All Eyez on Me or the Notorious


In 2020, some people are still not sure who is a better rapper. Is it Tupac Shakur, or is it the Notorious B.I.G. When it comes to their music some people may be biased, but when it comes to their biopic no one gets biased.

All Eyez on me, a biopic based on Tupac Shakur’s life and Notorious based on Christopher Wallace’s life have their own strengths and weakness.

But the question still remains the same: Whose Biopic is better? You are going to find the answer soon.

The plot:

When it comes to the movie’s story, The Notorious started at Wallace’s death, and the whole movie is told in flashback, including his time in prison, his childhood, him getting fame and his death.

In the meanwhile, All Eyez on Me is also shown in flashbacks that involved Tupac’s time in correctional facility and then going back to his childhood. The movie also featured his friendship with Jada Pinkett in his acting career.

Accordig to my opinion, The Notorious was more fun than All Eyez on Me when it comes to their storyline.

Performances of the lead stars:

Jamal Woolard starring as Wallace, did his job well. He almost looked similar to the rapper and also had the voice and style like him. His performance overall was good enough. 

Whereas, All Eyez On Me star Demetrius Shipp Jr. Gave the feeling of complete Tupac. He completely sounded like him, looked like him and has a swagger. He is the best fit for this role.

In my opinion All eyez on me wins when it comes to star performance.

The Music:

The Notorous uses its song mostly in the studios and the concerts. Their song fits the storyline of the movie. No one can hate the soundtrack.

When it comes to the music of All Eyez on Me, the songs are played scene wise. The songs throughout the movie goes in a flow.

In my opinion, the Notorious was a little more innovative than All eyez on me while placing its music track.

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