Which shows have resumed production in this post lockdown period?!


Due to the complications and risk caused due to the spread of coronavirus, countries shut down the filming of our beloved TV shows too. As the situation doesn’t seem to be easing anytime soon, many countries, including the USA and Canada, have allowed some shows to film with certain rules.

The production crew including the actors and technicians present during the shoot were expected to turn in their COVID 19 swab test results. As many shows tended to shoot in the same area, especially Vancouver, the labs in these places were overwhelmed causing further delay.

But luckily, these results have come back and has allowed many to resume their work!

CW’s teen show Riverdale, has resumed filming in September 2020 and the next season can be expected to be released by January 2021. This season, Drew Ray Tanner has also been promoted as a series regular! 

Warner Bro’s Batwoman, has also been announced to have resumed their work since October 7, 2020. 

You can catch up on the last season here before the next season comes out in January 2021.

Netflix’s Maid, which is also Vancouver based, has also started its filming this October. 

The dedication these people show towards the show by risking their lives amidst this pandemic should be appreciated. Thanks to them, despite the difficulties, we will be able to watch new seasons of our favourite shows next year!

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