Which Song In The Spirte ‘Dreams’ Commercial Came Out?


The Sprite “Thirst For Yours” campaign has been leveraging The Coca-Cola Company’s tremendous financial power to help promote Black voices and aid emerging creatives in reaching their audiences since it debuted in 2019. As detailed on The Coca-Cola Company blog, the campaign began as a sponsor of the 2019 BET Awards and then donated $500,000 to the Black Lives Matter Global Network as the globe dealt with racial inequity via protests in 2020.

Now, one of the most recent “Thirst For Yours” advertisements re-aligns the campaign’s theme with its origins, featuring four Black artists and emphasizing their commitment to keep creating during the 2020 COVID-19.

While the commercial is brief, it does make an effort to provide a positive glimpse into the lives of four young dreamers… while simultaneously emphasizing Sprite’s apparent effect on the creative process. Overall, it’s a rather nice ad with a good message at its center, as well as some beautiful visuals and music to establish the tone.

The song featured in the Sprite “Dreams” ad, as well as some additional information regarding the spot, may be found here.

Source: Ad Age

Dreams Gets Featured In The Sprite Commercial

While neither Coca-Cola nor Weiden+Kennedy, the advertising agency behind the “Thirst For Yours” campaign, have provided much formal information regarding the ad, the Shazam app identifies the music as Cold in the Shade’s “Dreams.” A YouTube link to the full version of the song is also included in the Shazam listing.

That’s fantastic news for everybody who enjoyed the song. Listeners will, on the other hand, have a difficult time discovering much additional information on Cold in the Shade.

Shazam does indicate several extra tracks by the artist, however those songs are claimed by the channel itself, LOZ, on the YouTube account that hosts them. The poetry spoken over the music, however, is by Langston Hughes, a well-known and well-known figure. The eight-line poem, sometimes known as “Dreams,” is read aloud in its entirety.

Additionally, iSpot.tv provides extra details about the musicians featured in the “Dreams” advertisement. Singer Amindi, rapper and producer Choker, fashion designer Akua Shabak, and performance artist Jamal Wade star in the commercial.

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