Which Spider man is the best? How each actor excelled at his role

Which Spider man is the best
Which Spider man is the best

Spider man movies have successfully kept us entertained through all these years and we should be grateful to those actors who have put in their best to bring out the essence of their characters. Yes, talking about Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland, who  have their own unique traits to Spider-Man. 

Let’s take a look at the excellence of these actors in the particular divisions of the films.

Tom Holland is one of the most successful names in the Spiderman films, he has been portraying his character extremely well all through. If a fan has to talk about youthfulness, Holland is the name that first comes to mind. Holland best exemplifies youthfulness and teenage exuberance of Peter Parker.

Which Spider man is the best
Which Spider man is the best

Holland is also very good at portraying characters with proper physicality prior to being an actor he was a gymnast and a dancer therefore the stunts team is always using the chance to work with him with full comfort and bring out the physical essence in the movie. Also, he is the most appealing of all.

Next is Tobey Maguire, A movie is nothing without a struggle period shown in it and Maguire is the best at portraying the struggles that Peter generally goes through. He fantastically does his job of bringing out the frustration in the character. Secondly, he is the one giving us the gift of some of the best romantic arcs. If you are aware of Garfield and Stone’s chemistry, then you must also be aware of Maguire’s and Mary Jane’s romance. Also, his Spider man will be remembered for its best comic book feel.

The third is Garfield, he does best Peter Parker’s as he is best in bringing out his emotional outbreaks, moreover when he first put on the shoes of spider man he was in his late 20s and thus he was doing more justice to the character by being more realistic. He nailed his role for the superhero. Last but no the least, may be he wasn’t in the best movies as that of Maguire or been the most popular actor as that of Holland, but his portrayal of his character has made him the best actor of both Spider man and Peter Parker. 

Hey Guys, who among this is the best according to you?


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