Who Else Hates The Last Courtroom Scene In Netflix’s Trail Of The Chicago


Who else hates The Last Courtroom Scene in Netflix’s series Trail of the Chicago? In the scene, we saw, hey if you haven’t watched the new installment for the series yet?

Make sure to watch it soon, so getting back to the scene, finally, after months of attempts and two hours of running time of the viewers, five out of 7 (without Bobby Seale, as he was not a defendant at the time) have been convicted.

The outrageous thing is that Judge Julius Hoffman told Tom Hayden offered a ‘brief statement’ in the defense of all five, but instead in a moment that sort of happened in real life but much earlier in the trial, he has the names of deceased Vietnam War soldiers read into the record.

The judge in the court stopped the display after reading a few names in a real trial which happened prior to the sentencing scene.

However, he tried to do it in the movie but Hayden kept talking while everyone stood up cheered for him. With this, the opponent defendants got excited and Jerry Rubin raised his fist and others joined him. The audience in the courtroom also applauded him.

The buttoned-up squares angrily storm out. David Dellinger’s kid climbs on his chair. Even the US Attorney Richard Schultz (the lead prosecutor), who is portrayed as a somewhat sympathetic figure, rises to honor the fallen soldiers in a moment that is clearly meant to be the film’s emotional crescendo.

The last scene in the movie left its grip! Although the part had some sentimental composition it felt more like forced and overly tidy for its subject matter which was much more nuanced and complicated.

The writer for the franchise is Sorkin who has been known for his awesome movie works which have hit 5-star ratings and over 90 percent positive review on Rotten Tomatoes. So, maybe he might understand the fans’ feelings and will work on future seasons of the franchise to bring perfection, we can just hope for the best!


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