Who featured in the Capital one ‘Dad Mode’ commercial?

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Capital One enjoys using famous people in its advertising – Jennifer Garner is a favourite – but the new “Dad Mode” company ad takes things to the next level by involving a famous family. The marketing begins with a father knocking on his daughter’s door at 4 a.m. to assist her in starting the process of purchasing a new vehicle. However, a new service that simplifies the automotive purchasing process is currently being developed in collaboration with Capital One Auto Navigator.

It’s not just any old advertising father-daughter duo; it’s “Schitt’s CreekEugene’s and Sarah Levy’s.” Since Schitt’s Creek won a slew of Emmys in 2020, fans of comedy have recognised the real-life father and daughter couple. And, if you haven’t seen the hit comedy, Eugene is well-known for his roles in the “American Pie” franchise and “Splash,” among other projects. 

Eugene’s wry sense of humour brightens every film or TV show in which he appears, including the commercial. When Sarah declines her offer of assistance, she quickly asks, “Who wants French toast?” Which Sarah leaves with the famous “What’s in your carry-on?”

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Eguene and sarah levy were  a part of Schitt’s Creek 

Though Sarah isn’t as well-known as her father and brother (Daniel Levy), “Schitt’s Creek” fans know she’s just as talented as the rest of her famous family. Sarah played a cheerful dinner waitress Twyla in a comedy that followed the wealthy Rose family after they lost their fortunes and moved to smaller cities in Canada. Twyla, despite being a supporting character, proved to be a scene stealer.

Surprisingly, Sarah was Eugene’s daughter. In an interview with Hello in January 2017, the actress stated that she was relieved to be cast as Twyla rather than Alexis, Roses’ daughter. “When the show first aired, everyone thought I was the sister,” she explained. “I’m glad that wasn’t the case, because the game Daniel and Dad were playing on the screen with their father and son completely distracted me from the chaos. Nobody knew I was in a relationship because I was free to do whatever I wanted.” Eugene and Sarah’s Capital One promotion is all the more special because they played father and daughter for the first time on screen. (Hopefully, it won’t be the last.)

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