Who Is the Giraffe on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 4?


The Masked Singer premiered on Fox on 23rd September 2020. This season there are 16 contestants and there were first duet costumes and first Puppet costumes. This season the completion is very tight as they have given an outstanding performance.

On this Wednesday they have announced their Group A singers featuring The Sun, Dragon, Popcorn, the Giraffe, and the Snow owls. 

The host Nick Cannon announced that this time the contestant has 46 Grammy nominations, Olympic gold medallists, Oscar nominations and they have many other accolades regarding their performances. 

After watching and hearing all the performances done by the masked singer it raises questions to everyone who’s who. The panelists of season 4 are Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, and Nicole Scherzinger. 

Panels have to guess the performers.

People are curious to know who is Giraffe in ”The Masked Singer”:

Before the performance, the Giraffe has given some insight into his career saying that people made a lot of fun of him when he had chosen his career to become a singer. He had a life with lots of ups and downs in his life but he never left the hope of becoming a singer. Music is inside him.

According to his descriptions and after seeing Giraffe’s performance on the song “Let’s get it started” Jeong claimed it would be Garth Brooks, McCarthy commented it would be Travis Barker and Robin Thicke said it would be rapper Vanilla Ice. 

Well, it is yet to reveal who is The Giraffe. As of now, he is safe in the season and the judges have to keep on guessing till the strike on the right one. 

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