Who Killed Sara? Season 2: Release date, cast, plot, and everything about sequel to Netflix’s Mexican-thriller

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Who Killed Sara?, a gripping Mexican murder mystery on Netflix, is a must-see. Season 1 ended with more questions to be answered, but the bigger question remains unanswered: who killed Sara?

Despite this, the Season 1 finale revealed that the show will continue to pursue Alex Guzman on his quest to bring down the Lazcano family and find out who killed his sister, Sara.

Who Killed Sara?, a ten-episode first season, premiered on Netflix on March 24th, and the streaming service has already announced a second season with eight episodes. Here’s what you need to know about the new season, according to fans.

When Will Who Killed Sara Be Released? When Will Season 2 Premiere? 

When the show returns on May 19th, fans will be able to watch the second season. Despite the fact that the film was made in Spanish, audiences can choose between English dubbing or English subtitles with the original voices.

The Plot Details

According to Netflix, the official synopsis for the series is as follows:

“Desperate for vengeance and proof that he was framed for his sister’s murder, Alex sets out to uncover even more than the true perpetrator.”

Sara was assassinated. Sara Guzman (Ximena Lamadrid) died in a parasailing accident in the first season. Instead of her boyfriend and best friend, Rodolfo Lazcano, Alex Guzman (Manolo Cardona) takes the fall and is imprisoned (Alejandro Nones).

In jail, however, he is left to fend for himself.

Alex is released from prison after 18 years and embarks on a revenge mission against the Lazcano family in order to avenge his mother, Lucia (Mar Carrera), and sister. Alex discovers the truth behind Sara’s death in Season 1 and learns that her secret pregnancy made her a victim.

Season 1’s events led viewers to conclude that Rodolfo’s girlfriend, Mariana Lazcano (Claudia Ramirez), had murdered Sara. The season finale, however, hinted that there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

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Season 2 Cast For Who Killed Sara? 

  • Alex is played by Manolo Cardona
  • The 44-year-old lead actor returns to play Sara’s brother, Alex, who is on a quest to solve the mystery surrounding her sister’s death and bring the Lazcano crime family to justice.
  • Manolo Cardona is best known for his portrayal of Eduardo Sandoval in Netflix’s “Narcos” and his recurring role as Porfirio Rubirosa in the 2018 “Rubirosa” trilogy and series.
  • Cesar is played by Gines Garcia Millan.
  • Cesar, the head of the Lazcano crime family, will be played by the 56-year-old Spanish actor again.
  • Garcia Millan is known for his roles in Spanish films such as “23-F la pelicula,” “Herederos,” and “Isabel,” in addition to his work in the Netflix series.
  • Sara was assassinated. The two-minute trailer for Season 2 shows Alex delving deeper into Sara’s history after finding a skeleton in his backyard.
  • Alex’s freedom is jeopardised once more, but the bigger twist is Elisa’s kidnapping and the Lazcano family’s quest for support.


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