‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 3: All that we know so far!

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Who killed Sara? Well with a title like this we already know the context of the story. On 24th March 2021, Netflix premiered Who Killed Sara? which is a Mexican crime mystery thriller television streaming series. If you watched the trailer of Season-1 you know very well that Sara’s brother Álex Guzmán is accused of her murder and due to this he is sent to prison for 30 years. But because of his good deeds he came back after 18 years. Alex is changed and he concluded that his sister was not killed by an accident but in fact it was a pre-planned murder. This linear series is based on the concept of past and present which balances out the story and make us understand as to who actually killed Sara! although the Season-1 of the series is revolving around the suspects which is Sara’s lover Rodolfo and the Lazcano family, which has many secrets under the carpet. The story develops with these suspects being on Alex’s mind and his will to prove himself innocent and take revenge for his sister’s death.

The series was an instant hit and fans got to see the second season just after a few months. The Season-2 of the franchise premiered on 19th May, 2021 with a lot more twists and turns. The story of the second season is picked right after the first one and the story takes a 360 degree turn as it proceeds. The second season highlights the shift of the question from Who Killed Sara? to Who is Sara? The reason for it is the revelations of Sara’s past. As the story proceeds, one question which definitely came to mind was whether Sara actually died or is she still alive. With so many truths and dark secrets which are revealed by Sara’s diary it is quite predictable that another season of the franchise is on its way with the story continuing itself from Season-2.

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If you watched all the 18 episodes (10 episodes in Season-1, 8 episodes in Season-2) then you already know that at the end of the eighth episode the big news appeared on your Netflix screen stating, “It’s Official: Another Season Is Coming.”

But that is all we know so far as the release date is still not revealed by the makers of the series. It is predicted that the release gap will be a bit longer in Season-2 and Season-3. Though, we can expect the third season to premiere later in 2021 or sometime in 2022. But, be patient and hope to get the news about it very soon!

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The cast of the series include Manolo Cardona as Álex Guzmán, Alejandro Nones as Rodolfo Lazcano, Ximena Lamadrid as Sara Guzmán, Claudia Ramírez as Mariana Lazcano, Eugenio Siller as José María “Chema”, Alex’s love interest and youngest Lazcano daughter Elisa Lazcano played by Carolina Miranda, and sisters Marifer and Clara played by Litzy and Fátima Molina. Nicandro is played by Matías Novoa.

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