Who Killed Sara? Season 3 details on release date cast & more!


If you stayed riveted to your screen all the way through the credits of Who Killed Sara’s last episode of season two, you were met with the thrilling news that a season three was on the way. Who Killed Sara, a drama set in Mexico, follows a guy wrongly accused of murdering his sister and is the latest in a string of Spanish-language Netflix blockbusters that includes Money Heist and El Chapo.

The second season of this program that blends suspense, revenge, and eroticism ended on a dramatic cliffhanger, with the main character Alex still not knowing who killed his sister. There hasn’t been a trailer published for Big Mouth season 5, and one isn’t expected until much closer to the premiere date. We’ll be sure to share any teasers or promos released by Netflix with everyone!

When will it release?

Who Killed Sara? will return for a third season, according to a caption at the end of the second season. “It’s Official: Another Season Is On the Way.” The first two seasons will premiere in March and May of 2021, respectively. With a third season approved, filming may begin later this year for a spring 2022 release.

Who will be casting?

Manolo Cardona plays Lex, while Ximena Lamadrid portrays Sara in flashback moments. Rodolfo Lazcano, scion of the Lazcano legacy and Sara’s ex-boyfriend, is played by Alejandro Nones.

César and Mariana Lazcano, the family’s parents, are played by Ginés Garca Millán and Claudia Ramrez, respectively, while Carolina Miranda plays Elisa Lazcano, their daughter, who develops a connection with Lex as the story goes.

Eugenio Siller plays José Mara Lazcano, the middle son who has a strained connection with his family since coming out as homosexual. Marifer, Sara’s best friend, is played by singer Litzy, while Nicandro, Rodolfo’s friend, is played by Matas Novoa.

What’s the plotline?

At its foundation, the program is a mystery, with Lex seeking to discover out who killed his sister – after being framed for the murder and spent 18 years in jail for it, he not only wants to clear his name but also wreak revenge on the true perpetrator.

The farther his investigation goes, however, the more engaged he becomes with the underbelly of the extremely wealthy and powerful Lazcano family. Throughout the series, the viewer learns more about the family’s relationship with Sara and her death – but at the end of season two, a shocking discovery has many fans revising their beliefs.

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