Who The Arrowverse’s Most Skilled Fighter Really Is


We think, the answer to this question indisputably Ra’s al Ghul, the very person who trained Batman! 

How did he become the most skilled?

Ra’s al Ghul has been around for centuries and unlike most immortal people, he spent all his time learning various martial arts and improving himself constantly. Though he has trained many, none of his students would ever dare him to a battle as they knew that whatever fighting skills their master has taught them is just a fraction of what he knew.

Why did still end up getting killed by Oliver?

No, we have not forgotten how Oliver Queen killed him at the end of Season 3. But in our defense, Ra’s al Ghul was caught off guard. The first time they were engaged in a duel, Oliver lost and losing a fight is not an Oliver thing. If you remember correctly you would know that Oliver has never lost a battle against a person without any superpowers.

You can watch their fight sequence here- 

Why is not just the best fighter but also a dope Villain overall?

He was the head of the League of Assassins for a long time and you can’t be that without being a skillful fighter. He is also one of the few people who knew the real identity of Batman. This was because he did some deep research to propose the marriage of his daughter Thalia with Bruce as he thought Bruce was the best heir. Bruce even seemed to have reciprocated his feelings!

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