Who was the actor playing fan favorite Griffin in Men In Black 3

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You may have already seen 2012’s Men in Black 3 which was certainly a franchise above everyone’s expectations. It did have all the elements the audience could possibly seek to get entertained to the maximum. Its reinvigoration of the J/ K dynamic was one of the things that counted towards the making of the iconic Men in Black 3.

This was achieved by getting two completely different personalities in one team. On one hand, we had Agent J (played by Will Smith) while on the other hand, we had a cheerful and young lad, Agent K (played by Josh Brolin). In addition to that, the surprising yet amazing incorporation of the time travel concept into the plot gave the movie an extra edge it required. Moreover, there is another factor to be considered for the success of the movie.

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It is none other than the supporting cast, especially the fan favorite character of Griffin – the lovable clairvoyant alien. Griffin could foresee all the possible infinite scenarios being the last surviving member of the Archanan race. He had a fascinating and genuine voice in the movie’s universe and his unique ability did manage to make him a hilarious eccentric in the plot setting.

Now, it is needless to say that a character like Griffin would not have got as successful as it ended up getting if it had not been played by a good actor (or say a marvellous actor) who could do complete justice to the role. After appearing in a variety of stage production on and off-Broadway, it was the Californian actor Michael Stuhlbarg who played the character beautifully by making it his own and literally owning the entire show.


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