Why DC’s Swamp Thing Is What The CW Needs During the Halloween Season


DC Universe’s Swamp Things has arrived at The CW at a perfect time. Halloween is just a few weeks away, and this series is the perfect Halloween material for horror series lovers. The series got adapted from the 1970s horror DC comics.

DC Universe hopes that the series would revive the original story, but unfortunately, the series got canceled after the first episode got premiered.

Recently, people were surprised after the announcement came out about The CW airing all ten episodes of Swamp Things in their network. The network stated that they would rerun this series as a summer fill-in.

As we all know, all the network’s shows got halted due to the current situation. Some sources also reveal that it has also acquired various other shows such as Netflix’s Gilmore Girls.

However, people found the horror series Swamp Things to be an odd fit for the network. The channel is mostly viewed by youth, and the network always tries their best to bring shows that attract teens and youth adults. But bringing the Swamp Things to its network appears to be a tough sell.

Swamp Things Storyline

The story of Swamp Things chronicles around a botanist Dr. Alec Holland. One day the gangsters submerged him with chemicals and left him to die when they found out his secret research in his laboratory. Later on, he gets transformed into a plant and hunts those criminals who killed his wife and transformed him. 

Why is Swamp Things Right Fit For Halloween?

The network decided to delay the series until fall, and it perfectly fits the fall season for some reason. Moreover, The CW did not give any specific reason for delaying the rerun.

Perfect for Halloween season

The series might become a Halloween retreat and attract more young crowd. Rather than celebrating Halloween as a single holiday, many people love to enjoy it as a month-long festival.

So The CW has made the right move by shifting the series’ date. Teens and young adults will search for something entertaining yet spooky throughout October, so Swamp Things is a great fit.

Romance in Swamp Things

Apart from horror, Swamp Things also has a bit of weird romance, which is mostly needed to survive in the youth market. If we look back, then we can see that most of the network’s original supernatural series were centered around romance.

So in this case, romance is the second factor we can consider for the channel. Unfortunately, the first season barely made to the DC Universe network, but in the few episodes, it was shown that something was growing between the swamp monster and Dr. Abby Arcane. 


The show has enough content to keep the viewers hooked to their screens in October. The CW president Mark Pedowitz also stated that they would be supporting a second season of Swamp Thing on the network. So this gives another reason for the viewers to check out the series on The CW. 

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