Why did Joe Garratt turn down the offer of appearing in Love Island again?


We all know Joe Garratt from the summer season of Love Island 2020. The (then) 22-year-old islander partnered up with the surfer Lucie Donlan but he lost in the public voting who chose just Lucie to stay back on the island. 

And this year, he was again approached for participating in the show but he refused to take part in it. Yet he pointed out that he is “appreciative of the show” but does not feel comfortable enough to compete in it. He also pointed out that it was “weird” for him to stay in a competition where he is not currently dating anyone from the show.

Luci Donlan went out with Joe Garratt after the show. Eventually, they ended up ending their relationship. Joe Garratt announced that he was “very single” now.

Joe Garratt did not leave the show on good terms. He was even accused of gaslighting Lucie by the fans. Domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid also weighed in on the situation, explaining that “controlling behavior is never acceptable”.


Love Island viewers are now very vocal in calling out unhealthy behavior between couples on the show, and this is a positive development.” the co-chief of the Women’s Aid foundation Adina Claire said.

The show itself has received its own share of criticism for the stars being “sexist” putting way too much pressure on its contestants which has led to two of its former competitors committing suicide. But, at the end of the day, the fans still want more. Despite the negative feedback, the show has been getting a great response, especially from the younger audience.

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