Why did Randy Spelling decide to quit Hollywood?


In this article, we will talk about why the son of mega-producer Aaron Spelling, Randy Spelling left Hollywood. He shared that he would be dead if he stayed in the industry. Currently, he is the life coach in Oregon. Here is what we know so far about Randy Spelling.

The 42 years old talks about why he left the entertainment industry

Recently, Randy Spelling told a source that his dad was the legend, and that is why he felt pressured to attain success in the entertainment business. His father was one of the most popular prolific producers who produced massive hits like The Love Boat, Melrose Place, Dynasty, Charlie’s Angels, 90210, and Beverly Hills.

Randy shared that he took it as this self-imposed and thought to himself that he has to become something big. He thought that bigness comes in the way of being a popular, a producer, or actor. And he tried his best to find that but, later on, he realized that he has to shape his one road, or else what he was doing would kill him.

And now, he is a life coach, which is a different path than his actress sister Tori and his father. Currently, Randy is living a happy life in Oregon. He is married and had two daughters too. Randy knows that he is living a completely different life than he was raised. He grew up in a 123-room mansion in Los Angeles County, which was sold for $120 million in 2019.

Now, the main question arises why did the son the mega-producer decided to quit Hollywood? Why did he turn his back on Tinseltown? Well, it all began in 2006 after his dad’s demise. Randy shared that he started filling himself with the wrong things and got addicted. Later, he went to rehab and thought to himself that he has a second opportunity.

Randy questioned himself, what makes him happy, what he really wants to become, and why was he in rehab. These were the questions running on his mind so, he decided to go on that path.

Later, one of his friends recommended his life coaching, and sooner, he realized that he was good at it. His interesting job made him do more. And now, it has been 13 years since he is working in that field and meets various clients who come from various walks of life.


Randy has experienced both good and bad. Now, he really knows that happiness doesn’t always come from money. Today, he is living a less stressful life with his family, and he feels content with that. Visit us again for more news.



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