Why Do Hollywood Actors Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Want To Invest In Wrexham Soccer Club


Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Want To Invest In Wrexham Soccer Club!

As per Spencer Harris, Ryan Reynolds (the Deadpool fame) and Rob McElhenney (best known as the creator and star of the US television show) are great soccer fans and have an emotional connection with the Welsh Soccer Club Wrexham.

Both the Hollywood stars are down to earth and want the best for soccer as a whole at this point of coronavirus outbreak which is affecting everything and person, around the globe. 

Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney also believe in the fantastic potential of this National League Club. By ranking is a 5th tie UK Football Club in north Wales and it is still unclear in detail, why these A-listed actors are so much interested in investing in this club.

However, it can be just like a fairy tale, years later when we see this club on the epitome of success and still remember how these actors helped them to reach there.

This news got broke on Wednesday when this duo has been revealed to be mystery investors in Wrexham AFC. 97.5% club member-owner of Wrexham has shown positivity and is in a favour of takeover by the celeb duo.

It’s planned by the duo to put forward their vision on this takeover for a $ 2.5 Million at the second Special General Meeting. However, the Duo is not the first North American Investors showing interest in European Soccer.

The club has indeed made a profit of £756,000 in the latest accounts, however, Wrexham has a long way from the riches of the premier league, and hence these celebs might have to wait years before they can actually make some good profile out of the deal.

This buy might not be for the money for Ryan Reynolds, as he made $ 71.5 Million this year from acting work and another $ 610 million from selling his Aviation Gin Brand in Aug. the deal might be for making something bigger than money. 

For getting your facts to check:

  • In the top division of English Soccer or the National League, Wrexham has never played since its relegation from 2 leagues in 2007-08.
  • Wrexham plays on The Racecourse Ground, which is the world’s oldest stadium.
  • The Wrexham team has been formed in 1864, which is the oldest club for football in the world.

Stay tuned for more such amazing mind-boggling news, until then stay safe at your places.


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