Why Does Kong’s Axe Have The Powers Of Godzilla Make Sure To Checkout To Know

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It looks like Kong’s axe could have any of Godzilla’s powers, based on the Godzilla vs. Kong trailer.

It looks like Kong’s axe may have some of the powers of Godzilla, based on the Godzilla vs. Kong trailer. This odd new arm is now known to be made of an unknown beast bone and Godzilla himself dorsal fins. Trailer shots and toys from Godzilla vs. Kong have confirmed that the axe blade is really one of his back spikes.

Kong can be seen taking this mysterious new weapon into combat against the King of the Monsters in the video used in the trailer. It finishes with a burst of atomic breath being set loose by Godzilla, which is somehow captured by the Kong axe.

Surprisingly, the blast can be contained by Kong and the axe is brought down on Godzilla. The idea that the axe could be the secret to Kong beating Godzilla and claiming the role of alpha has been fuelled by the way he was able to repel the strongest weapon against him. It remains to be seen if Godzilla will have a response in the forthcoming MonsterVerse movie for such a strong weapon.

It may be that Godzilla’s axe is much more deadly than the trailer suggests. The sword blade could be seen flashing blue prior to the collision between the axe and the atomic breath. What is interesting about this detail is that it also suggests that the axe is capable at any stage of using the force of Godzilla.

In the trailer, it’s likely that the hammer was flashing because Godzilla had blasted the axe before it was seen on-screen. If so, the axe would absorb the strength of Godzilla and give Kong the ability to either divert or unleash the energy in a powerful blast.

What is not obvious is how blue the axe glows. In the movies, Godzilla’s back spikes can do this, but that’s because he’s channeling his radiation for a particular reason by them. What is curious about the dorsal plate on the axe of Kong is that, despite being no longer part of the body of Godzilla, it can shine.

A potential reason for that is that he can do more than just channel his energy into his spikes in the MonsterVerse. It may be that in his dorsal fins, Godzilla actually stores his nuclear power.

So it also retains some of the energy after the spike has been removed, which can now be used against Godzilla.

That will make sense of why Kong’s axe has such unusual and peculiar properties if that’s the case. Regardless, Godzilla will be offered a new reason for alarm by the axe possessing these powers.

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It will be a big concern for him on his own to get a blade sharp enough to split through his body, so a nuclear ax that can consume his atomic breath would make this fight much more daunting for Godzilla.

In reality, the best way for Godzilla to win could be for him to find a way to disarm Kong. The role of alpha could stay with the current King of the Monsters if Kong loses his biggest advantage in Godzilla vs. Kong.


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