Why Eli Roth’s Horror movie: Cabin Fever Was Remade just in 13 years


Cabin Fever was released in 2003 but it ended up in a remake just in 13 years like in 2016 and here is all about why Eli Roth has signed it off for the project.

The fandom or Eli Roth as a director and general pop culture figure us quite loyal to him and his army of detractors is quite vocal too about it. Overall, Roth seems to work fine in various capacities all the time.

Cabin Fever was the debutant movie for Eli Roth based on zombie sorts where an extremely lethal version of flesh-eating virus escapes into a water supply and begins infecting people on a large scale.

One of the scariest and the signature scene of the movie was Marcy shaving her leg skin off in the bathtub. There can be many other memorable scenes though in the movie based on the perspective of a horror movie enthusiast.

While remaking a horror movie is not at all a new thing, but in only 13 years is something great to remember. It seems the original in 2003 has made quite a hit and in 2016 people still want that trill back with new setups and with the same script, that’s something unusual right? Let us dig down and look for what caused this to happen.

In 2014, Director Travis Zariwny came to Eli Roth with a unique pitch to remake the movie as his debutant movie. Eventually, Eli Roth was intrigued by the idea, as he had written the storyline for the Cabin Fever many years before it was made and had been ridiculed many times and was rejected.

It was the thought that how the 2 would be compared with new sets and cast flattered Roth, and hence the same movie was made in 2016.

Eventually, Roth played the role of executive producer for the new movie, but his actual involvement was close to zero due to his engagement in other projects at that time.

Roth loved the final cut of the renewed movie as Zariwny has made some small twists with the same script as he did not want people to predict anything. Interestingly fans did not take the new version hand in hand and purely hated it which resulted in a 0% score while the original earned 62% back in 2003.

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