Why Godzilla vs Kong doesn’t have any post-credits scenes

Courtesy: IGN

Godzilla versus Kong spoilers follow. 

Post-credits scenes have fairly become the standard for blockbuster establishments nowadays. 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe model has been utilized wherever from Worlds of DC to the MonsterVerse, including 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters. 

Notwithstanding, the last film’s continuation, Godzilla versus Kong – which is delivered for the current week – does exclude one. 

Opening up concerning why they chose to keep things straightforward, the film’s co-author Max Borenstein uncovered that there initially were anticipates one, however in the end they felt the film was “wrapped up” enough not to warrant it. 

“There was one sooner or later that everybody had been somewhat playing with… I think it bodes well [one wasn’t included],” he disclosed to CinemaBlend. 

“This is somewhat the perfection of a specific section, and whatever could conceivably come after it, it’s cool that this gropes wrapped. We absolutely played with something.” 

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Courtesy: IGN

Godzilla versus Kong has gotten genuinely certain audits all in all, with Digital Spy granting the film three stars. 

On whether it merited the pause, we said in our survey: “In case you’re tuning into Godzilla versus Kong to see the two huge titans beat down one another (and is there any good reason why you wouldn’t?), the appropriate response is an outright yes. 

“The film isn’t without its issues, however regarding following through on the bloodletting guaranteed, you’d be unable to discover a fan that will not be fulfilled.”


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