Why has Manifest been cancelled?

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Like the first and second seasons before, the recent NBC Manifesto chapter dramatically ended up and left its fans starving for more.

After touching the tailfin, Jared found that Sarah’s mother, the Major, was killed in the good air. Cal disappeared. We found out that Angelina stabbed Grace to death while Eagan and Randall were caught and deported. And it was only half, with much more room for future episodes.

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Also, the cast has always been keenly concerned with what designer Jeff Rake is talking about, as the guy himself discusses. “Some actors know more since some are unbelievably interested and others don’t want to know anything, so they find it organic to find out in real-time,” said Syfy Wire.

However, none of the above flaws will ever be fixed as season 3, which has already shown in the United States, is the last we will receive and is anticipated to release on Sky One in the UK in the following weeks.

It’s monumentally disheartening to people who followed this series from Day One and were involved in its characters, mainly when you take Rake’s plans for six seasons into account. But as annoying as it feels, they have a solid reason behind stopping further production. 

The number of persons who tuned has decreased considerably during the period.

According to the TV Series Finale, the premiere began with about four million viewers in the third season. But the three-year end saw a substantial decline in the number of 2.8 million viewers. We must not forget that when the show initially aired, there were 10.4 million tuned and 6.5 million sat over the average season, compared with a total of 3.1 million in the Third Season.

The ratings are king and, while the average figure of three million is not enough, history shows that these figures would still drop, which would have marked further downs for the season.

The views of reviewers are not gospel, but the show’s ideas were not always very sparkling. Back in 2018, the New York Times labelled it as “so uninteresting,” whereas IndieWire complained of the lack of identity of the series, so perhaps they do what they say. The considerable reduction in ratings demonstrates this.

But their zeal and the roar of their supporters’ rally were, sadly, not enough to carry the show across the line.

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