Why has Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist been cancelled by NBC

Source: Variety

After two NBC seasons, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist was cancelled. Sources indicate that discussions between the NBCUniversal and Lionsgate TV producers are moving the musical drama led by Jane Levy to stream Peacock. The series is planned for Lionsgate TV.

“We feel that it must be a homeland for this fantastic prize-giving show with a passionate and dedicated follow-up in a world where the loyal and enthusiastic audience is never simple to find,” Lionsgate said in the statement. Two-season Zoey wrapped 0.6 rates among adults of utmost importance 18-49, with a delayed view of seven days. That’s 14% down from the new season.

Lionsgate had discussed shifting the series from NBC Universal’s broadcasting network to Peacock’s streaming platform. The same content group, headed by Susan Rovner and script manager Lisa Katz, supervise both the web and streamer, with Lisa Katz developing the series.

Source: Deadline

Sadly, the two sides could not reach arrangements that permitted the costly series to move to the streamer. This change would necessitate new negotiations since items such as streaming rights – the Hulu series – are likely highly influenced by the conversations.

The series is currently freshly certified with a 76% share among the critics, and 88% of the viewers on Rotten Tomatoes is still a critical and award-winning success.

The sitcom was co-starred by creator Austin Winsberg, Skylar Austin, Alex Newell, Peter Gallagher, Mary Steenburgen, and Lauren Graham. The latter played a less significant role in two seasons following the pandemic scheduling challenges.

Winsberg took the social media to ask the fans to tweet to rescue the show after the cancellation leaked. In the first half of the discussion, he wrote, “I refuse to believe that the programme is dead.’

For the 2021-22 broadcast season, NBC has a complete slate of rookies with American auto, the Grand Crew, La Brea, Ordinary Joe and limited series on deck, The Thing About Pam. Other programmes will be revealed later for the midseason, as NBC pushes towards year-round development, like other networks.

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