Why NBC’s Transplant is an even bigger hit than we thought


Transplant debuted on NBC this fall to fill the medical drama void in a TV season when the usual biggest hits were nowhere to be seen, and the response to the Canadian import has been positive.

Now, it seems that Transplant is an even bigger hit than we thought, as the show is performing particularly well in one key category: delayed ratings.

Episodes of Transplant have generally done well in their initial airings as well as the first few days afterwards, but new numbers suggest that the NBC series is crushing more in the longer term than many might have guessed.

THR reports that Transplant added more viewers total over seven days than any other scripted show for the week of September 21, and received solid boosts in both ratings and viewership. 

New numbers for Transplant in the week of 21st September report that the show received a boost of 0.27 in the 18-49 age demographic for these Live+7 day calculations, for a total of 0.77.

The show also received a boost of more than 2 million viewers, making it not only the scripted show that added the most viewers over the week, but trailed only behind the Season 4 premiere of The Masked Singer.

Considering The Masked Singer is a ratings juggernaut even on the nights when it’s not returning after hiatus or making history, coming in behind the Fox singing competition show is not bad at all for Transplant. 

Currently the averages of the show is 3.8 million viewers and a 0.45 rating in Live+Same day calculations, according to TV Series Finale, so boosts of more than 2 million viewers and over 0.25 in the ratings are significant, and some shows do consistently perform better in the long run than in the initial numbers. 


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