Why Skye Miller from ‘13 Reasons Why’ Looks So Familiar?

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‘13 Reasons Why’ the complete television show developed by Brian Yorkey who is known for his limit pushing and stretching job, ran for 4 seasons and the starting series was based on Jay Asher’s novel named under the same title. This crime thriller drama covers a lot of serious topics like sexual assault, racism, drug addiction, alcoholism, homophobia, school violence, police brutality, HIV and bullying. The story followed Clay Jensen whose character was played by Dylan Minnette who now is face to face with the mysteries of his classmate’s suicide named Hannah Baker played by Katherine Langford.

Now, do you remember Skye Miller from season one and two of this crime thriller drama? She was first seen as a friend and later on she became Clay Jensen’s girlfriend. But, in the second season of the series she was diagnosed to be having bipolar disorder and due to which she breaks her relationship with Clay telling him that she needs to move to a new city and enter a mental health facility. Skye Miller’s character is played by Sosie Bacon. She is the daughter of very famous personalities namely Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

Here is where you have seen Sosie Bacon before:

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Technically, ‘The Closer’ was not Sosie Bacon’s first acting job but this show proved to be pushing her towards what she is today. She was seen by the producers of the show in 2005 film named ‘Loverboy’ which was directed by her father Kevin Bacon. James Duff, a producer persisted Sosie’s parents for her to be Charlie’s character in the show. Although her parents didn’t approve at first but later, she starred for 4 episodes as Charlie.


The MTV’s horror show ‘Scream’ which was based on hit slasher franchise under the same title ran from 2015 to 2016 and Sosie appeared briefly in the first season of the franchise as Rachel Murray, she was the girlfriend of Audrey, who is seen to be attending an all-girls Catholic school. She is the victim of bullying at school. Sosie was murdered in the first season although at first it was portrayed as a suicide but later it was discovered that it was a cold-murder.

After this she was seen as a guest role in television shows like “Aquarius” and “On Hiatus with Monty Geer.”


In 2018, Sosie Bacon got her big break through an HBO series named ‘Here and Now’. Sosie Bacon was seen as portraying the character of Kristen Bayer-Boatwright and did a fantastic job as an introvert who is a high school student. The series lasted for only one season as it did not get the attention as expected.

In 2019, Sosie Bacon continued her work with Netflix and appeared in one of the most successful top-rated films named ‘The Last Summer’.

Recently, Sosie is seen in a small yet very crucial role in a limited episode series named “Mare of East town” opposite profound names like Kate Winslet, Jean Smart, and Evan Peters. 

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