Why Take Travel Insurance While You Visit Abroad?

What kind of Deaths are not Covered in term Insurance
What kind of Deaths are not Covered in term Insurance

Travel insurance is one thing that you should never forget when you are travelling. It is an important thing that you need when visiting unknown places where you have no one to help you. Travel insurance provides you with financial assistance in case you are stuck in a foreign land. You may face several issues while you are out travelling, and travel insurance is the only thing that can save you in case of emergencies.

You should ensure that your overseas journey is safe and enjoyable, and so you need to prepare yourself for the same. Travel insurance acts as a barrier to any unforeseen and unwanted situations that may arise in an unfamiliar place. Travel insurance covers medical emergencies and other big and small emergencies, such as theft, misplaced luggage, cancelled flight bookings, lost passports, and so on.

Reasons why Travel Insurance is a must

  1. Saves you from Urgent Medical Needs

Even if we have planned our trip to the minutest detail, something adverse might happen. When travelling to a place that you are completely new to, you might become vulnerable and feel uncomfortable by being on foreign soil. Accounting for additional medical expenses on a trip can create a burden on the pocket. It would cause stress, turning the whole experience scary. Travel insurance is the solution to this problem. It covers any unforeseen medical expenses on a cashless basis.

The cost of healthcare is much more expensive in foreign lands as compared to India. A regular visit for a small issue can also be expensive. A proper travel insurance policy covers not only minor expenses but also severe complicated situations that may be life-threatening. It also covers any disease that you might be having beforehand. Travel insurances also have plans that cover air ambulance and medical evacuation services and also allow the completion of the ongoing treatment after returning to your home country.

  1. A Companion in an Unknown Place

You can avail yourself of travel insurance that offers customer support 24*7 when you are abroad. Such travel insurances act as a friendly companion in a foreign land where you might face difficulty in understanding the language or any other geographical constraints. Wherever you are travelling, if you have travel insurance, you can rest assured that you will get help to whatever issue might be troubling you.

It offers urgent assistance for medical evacuation, helps you to get admitted to a hospital nearby, or guides you on how to reissue your misplaced travel documents. The insured can avail of the services without any trouble as the customer care team would take care of everything, such as working with the medical providers and other things.

  1. Personal Liability Coverage

Sometimes such situations may arise in which the insured may cause some damage to some third party and for that the insured needs to bear the expenses. Travel insurances have certain plans called “personal liability” in which the company bears the expenses for the damages caused to third parties.

  1. Emergencies related to Travel

Sometimes emergency incidents occur which are not related to your health. Such events can include losing your luggage, laptop or passport or international driving license. You might also face situations, such as bad weather conditions in which your flight tickets might get cancelled, or you might not be getting suitable accommodation to stay in. Travel insurance covers such emergencies as well. Some insurance companies also offer the fee for Visa in case it gets rejected. These situations can be handled in a better way if you have travel insurance.

  1. Baggage is Lost or Delayed

This happens very often, and you should be always ready for the worst. Travel insurances help you in recovering your delayed or lost luggage and will also provide you with funds for travel essentials, such as toothpaste, shoes so that you do not face any trouble and can enjoy your travel. Even if you have lost your belongings, you will be provided with funds to compensate for your lost belongings.

  1. Your Passport gets Lost

Losing important documents such as passports and driving licenses abroad can be worrisome. With travel insurance, you will be able to get a new passport and other documents that you might have lost without having to pay for any of them.

Travel Insurance is a Must

Certain countries have made it a necessary requisite to have travel insurance. You would not want to be at the immigration centre and get to know that you cannot enter the country without insurance. Many times, Visa applications get rejected as the person does not have travel insurance. Therefore, before visiting your dream country be sure to check whether the foreign land has made travel insurance a necessity.   

Many believe that travel insurance is an unnecessary wastage of money, but it is one of the foremost things that you should have while travelling. Besides being a necessity in many countries, it provides coverage for several emergencies while you are in a foreign land. Therefore, travel insurance is an essential thing to invest in before travelling.

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