“Gossip Girl” is rebooted and the show is already in controversy and theories which are made by the fans. The new characters of the show are definitely relating to the original ones but with a hint of Gen Z culture. All in all, it is a modern-day version of the predecessor show of the same name which was undeniably popular and is still viewed by the fans. The new installment has a much larger cast and arguably better outfits.

The list of new characters include: The queen bee of the Constance Billard school, Julien Calloway (Jordan Alexander); Julien’s half-sister Zoya Lott (Whitney Peak); the socially conscious Otto “Obie” Bergmann IV (Eli Brown); Maximus “Max” Wolfe (Thomas Doherty), the flirt; Audrey Hope (Emily Alyn Lind), who’s dating Akeno “Aki” Menzies (Evan Mock); and Luna La (Zión Moreno) and Monet de Haan (Savannah Lee Smith), who are passionate about maintaining the social order at their prestigious school. Though the cast is supposed to be a tight group, fans are already eyeing that some friends are closer than the others.

Here’s what is making fans scratch their heads about the friendships in “Gossip Girl”…

The original poster, u/secretloser96, listed the various relationships and pointed out that some characters seem closer than others. The thread is about the main cast’s friendship dynamics. Julien, Monet, and Luna are maintaining Julien’s social media following and they are appearing to be her business partners. A deeper connection is to be seen between Julien and Audrey as they share a bear hug with each other as they reunite. Julien and Max are seen to be sharing a friendly French-esque cheek kiss. On the other hand, Max blatantly flirts with both Audrey and Aki, suggesting the three may be entangled in a very personal way in the future. A natural banter and a strong friendship is definitely there between Aki and Obie. And finally, Monet and Luna appear to be inseparable, though they don’t show much of any personal interest in the rest of the group apart from Julien.

As u/secretloser96 summarized, “it’s interesting that for people who ‘have known each other since they were born; they almost seem to be in each other’s orbit more out of convenience than anything.”

Fans are quite active with theories and controversies on this show, so we’re expecting much more secrets of drama, romance and “Friendship.”



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