Why the office fans think Michael Scott is a secret genius

Courtesy: Mental Floss

The office is one of the most welcomed mockumentary who’s every episode is highly popular among the public. The best part about this mockumentary is that Michael Scott, the boss keeps uttering something in appropriate in every situations. Sometimes this behavior of Michael Scott leaves most office coworkers in a very awkward situation. 

For instance in one of the incident Michael Scott wore Halloween costume when it was a Diwali celebration. This left everyone in hilariously surprising situation. The funniest part is that even after doing all this he remained a good salesman as well as a good businessman.

Even after all this mockery Stanley, an inattentive salesman Keeps wondering How can Michael be so efficient in his business. At times she even feel that Michael is some kind of secret genius.

Michael Scott’s most successful venture could be witnessed in season 5 of the office. In that series he stood against Mifflin who was his fiercest competitor. At that time to give him a cutthroat competition he created Michael Scott paper company

He did this because he felt that his boss was neglecting him and that the company he was working for was actually worthless. Later the funniest part was that even after doing all those he was ready to sell his company to Mifflin. Oh no this was something really expected for the public! 

Another fascinating thing about Michael Scott is that he knows perfectly well how to manipulate the other person for the good. As per the Reddit fan theory Michael Scott is definitely a secret genius. The fan even went to the length of comparing him to the dark knight. Even after the staff wanted new boss but they were also aware of the unique qualities that only Michael possess.

Courtesy: Looper

Employees usually found themselves at very awkward and odd positions when they are with their boss. But for this some fan of Michael Scott think that he did all this purposely. This shows the love and attachment the fans have towards Michael Scott.

Ultimately it can be said that there is no end to Michael’s hilarious moments! We don’t know how genuine he’s but we can definitely say that he’s the most unusual and beloved boss off the history. Stay tuned for the next series in which we are going to discover whether there is any murder scene or not!


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