Why was Lovecraft Country cancelled by HBO?

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HBO Max’s “Lovecraft Country” dark fantasy-horror tale was a hit last autumn for the streamer. Based on Matt Ruff’s book, the ten-episode series maps a journey through separate America in the 1950s. In support of his friend Letitia and his uncle George, Atticus Freeman is seeking his missing father, but bigotry and atrocities are threats at all times. The series examines the genuine risks of being a Black in the USA, confronting them with the imagined horrors of H.P. Lovecraft, racist horror.

Jordan Peele and J.j produced the production. Abrams executive and Misha Green, who was also the showcase maker for “Sons of Anarchy” and “Underground” as well as “Heroes.” In particular, Majors and Smollett were recognised for their achievements. HBO has nevertheless announced that for a second season, it won’t return “Lovecraft Country.” Here’s a couple of reasons.

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“Lovecraft Country” is ultimately based on a book. Hence the fuel for a second season is not available from any source material. However — only look at “The Flight Attendant” (the new “Big Little Lies”) and “The Flight Attendant” — so showcase Misha Green did work on HBO’s 2-season pitch.

However, HBO will still not create a second season, despite this. There was no clear cause in the network; however, “We thank Misha Green who created this breakthrough series, for the commitment and art of the talented cast and crew. And thank you to the fans for the trip with us.”

Green went to Twitter after the announcement to tell him, “Would we’ve been able to bring you #LovecraftCountry: Supremacy. Thank you all who watched and committed yourself.” Her notes for Season 2 were pictographs with the title “The Next Generation” of the reproduced United States as the Sovereign States of the US. Sadly, the second season won’t make it to the screens. 

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