Why was Swamp Thing cancelled by Warner Media and what role did DC play?

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Egyptian Drama series ‘Hieroglyph’ was cancelled by the TV network in 2014. It was similar to “Game of Thrones” and mainly the reason for its cancellation, it failed to impress the directors.

Light of discussion:

“Swamp Thing” main topic as it tells how a series can be scrapped in the peak tv era. It was cancelled by warner bros TV within a week of its first episode got released.

The remaining 9 episodes of the series will keep on releasing on weekly basis. The executive producer James Wan became a part of the upstart streaming partner in the programming library.

Main Reason:

First episode of the series got 92% on rotten tomatoes. 

The problem raised when warner media started trimming of the series’ order from 13 to 10 due to the review on creative output.

Only because of good reviews, the heads said that they should complete the work on the series and upgrade the work of DC universe rather than putting hands off the series and losing the millions already invested in it as the DC universe serves a great value to its great sized digitally available e comics and books in the library.

This show became the 3rd live-action drama to be premiered on DCU and joined the ongoing group of renewed Titans and offshoot Doom Patrol, with the other series waiting for its word in future.


Sources say that the circumstance of the undoing was prodded by the studio’s choice to betray paying millions to store the show’s actual sets in North Carolina. That choice prompted the retraction spill.

As opposed to some early unverified reports, charge motivating forces had nothing to do with the abrupt crossing out as Swamp Thing was granted $5 million in impetuses for the pilot and an extra $12 million for the rest of the period.

Many sources say that DCU’s charges can be stuffed into the WM services and still remain exclusive in its platform. As doing their role, WM is yet named streaming platform and will release and stream their original scripts.

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Now, if you all want to watch the DC movie, you can download it free of cost from the official side of DC. No need to go to some other pirated site. 

Here is the list of movies you all can enjoy. Just tap on the link and know- 

DCU executives have to clear some things about how the both of the platforms can exist, Wan said this in an Instagram post that he doesn’t really understand or know why Swamp thing was cancelled.  

Now, no need to worry about. Just stay on the page to get when DC decides to drop down its next movie.


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