Why We Shouldn’t Have Been Allowed To Play The Sims When We Were Kids


When The Sims first came out in 2000, gamers had no idea how much the franchise would change. The Sims, unlike SimCity or even obscure games like Sim Ant, focused solely on people. Sims fought, fell in love, and had their own children, and players could build homes, start families, and watch the drama unfold. To put it another way, The Sims was a new kind of virtual dollhouse in which players could lose themselves.

Maybe it wasn’t as plain as that. The Sims, according to Kotaku’s Gita Jackson, is more of a life study or a tool for players to tell their own stories. It’s both a simulation and a fantasy at the same time, but that’s what draws players in.

The Sims debuted for a certain generation of gamers when their young brains were still forming as infants. Millennials now have a strong attachment to The Sims, partly because it provides a form of escapism that they don’t always get in real life. Those who grew up with The Sims may have picked up some unintended messages along the way, regardless of why they play.

These experiences may have taught the players how to navigate the world or what to expect from mankind. Or perhaps The Sims just taught them that homicide by pool ladder is entertaining.

Killing Sims focusing to give fun and profit

Every Sims player finally loses a Sim for various reasons, but some players enjoy torturing their families mercilessly. Giving children that much authority, even if it is only virtual, rarely works out. While children in real life aren’t as evil as those in horror films, they’re also not perfect angels.

Death by pool ladder is perhaps more celebrated than any other method of death. Since the first Sims game, players have been able to take their Sims for a swim and then remove the pool ladder. 

The helpless Sim would ultimately drown from exhaustion because there was no concrete way to get in or out of the pool. Needless to say, it was gruesome to watch, but it was also hilarious, as the situation has been named on TikTok. 

The Sims 4 made drowning a Sim more difficult, but some players have figured out a way to make it work, although in a much more complex manner. The smarter AI can no longer direct Sims out of the pool without the use of a ladder, so players must now wall in the swimming Sims.

Kids New Secret Language Was Formed With The Sims

Even though Simlish, the language that all Sims speak, is not a real language, children who grew up playing The Sims have started to use it. Users have recently started using Simlish to parody songs, make memes, and express emotion in TikTok videos.

Although it is impossible to be fluent in Simlish, the fictional language has inspired a generation of linguists. Some Simlish supporters have even created an unofficial dictionary to help others understand the differences between “sul sul” and “badeesh.”

The Sims team wanted to make a single language that sounded familiar but had no particular meaning, according to laire Curtain, the audio director for the first two Sims games. Curtain and her team chose Simlish, a made-up language that was largely improvised, after scrambling different real-world languages. Actors recorded lines over and over, each time having a different response or tone. When all of those takes were combined, it gave players a unique experience. Simlish felt like a real language, and the game was still fresh.

Real-life celebrities have joined in the Simlish fun, rerecording popular songs in the made-up language for inclusion in the games.

Kids were introduced to the world of mods through The Sims

In general, video games feature sexy characters who defy the boundaries of reality with their seductiveness. The Sims takes even further, but it’s not due to Maxis or EA Games’ fault. No, the X-rated content was invited in by the fans this time.

Kids who were bored with the same old hair and clothing choices in The Sims could still go to online forums and download mods for their expanding families. Of course, with all of the cosmetic mods available, kids might make some less than desirable modifications to the game.

Any unsuspecting kid will discover and download any number of NSFW Sims mods, but Wicked Whims, which adds all kinds of spicy content to the game, is maybe the most prevalent. Of course, not all Sims mods are bad, and Wicked Whims, for example, can be tamed. 

Morbid Gamer, a YouTube Sims fan, demonstrated how to make Wicked Whims family-friendly, allowing players to have both the awesome cosmetics and the extra woohoo choices. Some of the qualities added by the mod, according to Morbid Gamer, make The Sims feel more detailed and genuine.

The Sims aided to dispel some romantic myths

In real life, love is difficult. Love is not only perplexing, but it also has strange effects on your body and mind. Even though The Sims serves as a microcosm of real-life relationships, romance is simple in the game. Some of the love lessons learned in The Sims may not translate well in real life.

The Sims is most famous for introducing “woohooing” to the world, at least in the name. Couples will hop into bed together in The Sims 2 and woohoo the night away. While there’s nothing wrong with sex or sexuality in and of itself, young Sims players may have found woohooing to be too much information too quickly.

The truth is that woohooing can be very distressing. Gita Jackson of Kotaku took a deep dive into woohooing to show how bizarre it appears, and the results were surprising. Sim bodies were discovered twisted and mangled under the sheets of the bed after being dragged out into the open by Jackson’s curious cursor.

Strange things happen in The Sims even when the authors aren’t looking to uncover mysteries that should be kept hidden.

For younger players, that might be a bit much, particularly if they’ve discovered the mods mentioned earlier.


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