Why won’t there be a D23 meet next year?!


D23 is the official Disney fan club arranged in 2009. The D symbolized Disney and 23 marks the year 1923 is which Disney was founded by Walt Disney.

The members can be either regular or gold. If you’re it’s member, you get quarterly magazines and other subscription goods. Also, you could win fresh offers and discounts on Disney stuff.

The first expo was held in 2009 and was meant to be an annual event. But it was announced that it would be biennial, meaning it would be held once in two years. 

The expo each year usually contains special screening and additional footage from the movie releases each year or from upcoming movies. They also have fan art contests for the fans and showcase amazing shows about the history of Disney.


The next D23 expo was supposed to be held at the Anaheim Convention Centre, Anaheim, California next year. But due to the current situations caused due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Disney has announced the push back of the expo to 2022.

Fans need not worry though. Disney has promised that the delay has allowed them to better the experience of the fans and they could even see the special preparations they have done to celebrate the upcoming 100th anniversary of Disney in 2023!

Are you a Disney fan? If so, who was your favorite Disney Character? We would like to know.



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