Will Amazon’s remake of the UK series ‘Utopia’ be a replacement of the original

Will Amazon’s remake of the UK series ‘Utopia’ be a replacement of the original
Will Amazon’s remake of the UK series ‘Utopia’ be a replacement of the original

The original series ‘Utopia’ started airing 7 years ago. It showed a group of comic book nerds who find themselves in the middle of a grand conspiracy and chased by deadly forces. Unfortunately, it was discontinued at the end of the second series, but now it is going to be made into a remake by Gillian Flynn.

Well audience have been hoping it to be at par with the original, but it has strayed away from the traditional style of the original. So wherever the new series seem better, it’s because they have added some twists and extensions, and the boring parts are so because it has already been depicted earlier in a better way.

The story starts with the usual gang of comic nerds meeting for a chance to get the sequel of a cult graphic novel. Shortly they’re hunted down by a mysterious organization who are hellbent on getting their hands on the comic.

They intend to find out their enemies’ plans buy decoding the comic and they run into the real-life version of the comic’s protagonist.Comparing both the series, we get to see that they are almost identical barring some scenes. It feels awkward sometimes to see the same scenes played out by different characters and the show feels somewhat slow in rhythm than the original version, the brand of storytelling lacking details and the points of interest.

The cast of the original film feels way better than the new ones, although the characters that weren’t present in the UK version is a better addition to the series. With the progression of the story, an interesting divergence from the original Utopia can be seen as the characters come into focus.


As a vast number of people haven’t already watched the original version yet, so they might get to enjoy the storyline as a brilliant piece of dark sci-fi that they have never seen before. Bu for the Utopia fans, this won’t fill the void of the original series, although they have kept all the relevant scenes intact; this won’t just do as a patch over the cancellation of the original.


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