Will Bioshock Be The Next Big Next-Gen Remake?


Hello Video game lovers, how many of you could not afford to leave a chance to play Bioshock?

Okay so for those who were crazy Bioshock fans, let me tell you something that will drive your amazement levels out to the fullest.

Evidence suggests that there are high chances of a remaster of the most influential video games of all time. 

A true blend of brilliant gameplay mechanics and a captivating story, this PlayStation 5’s video game was truly an amazing playscape.

And now when all other major video games like Resident Evil 2, 3, Spiro Reignited Trilogy and Final Fantasy 7 are all getting ground-up remakes then why not this Bioshock sweetheart?

Critics say that Bioshock would be the best next-generation remake since it redefined the gaming industry for decades. The mix of a weapon in a hand and a plasmid superpower in the other was a very unique gameplay mechanic. Moreover, it’s audio-based storytelling had been loved by many. 

Since it was showered by all the love from the fans and also because of its critical acclaim, a Bioshock remake is extremely likely. Only we will have to wait for the makers to give us some hints on this. Games will be given a bevy of the newest experiences as the next-gen consoles will start reigning in the next few years.

Therefore, for us who are eagerly waiting for the Bioshock’s next, lets us hope and pray for the best and keep brushing on our levels of excitement.

Till then, stay with us.


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