Will Fan’s Expectations be fulfilled in the most awaited Season 4 of On My Block?


As you all must be knowing by now that On My Block franchise is amazing in many aspects like in Humour, violence, romance, parties, mystery, and what not… it’s just perfect. 

Since its airing on Netflix on 16th March 2018, the young audience is especially glued with its storyline of 4 kids who are passing by some rough times in their life and while doing so, there are many ups and downs they face in friendships too.

It is one of the most famous, highly acclaimed and popular TV series to date. And we dare you not to miss it in entirety.

On my Block franchise has already delivered 3 seasons which were hight hit and now it time for the 4th one. The network has already announced for it but release dates are yet to come from them. 

Will Fan’s Expectations be fulfilled in the most awaited Season 4 of On My Block?

So what we can do till we hear more about the 4th season:

First and foremost thing, if you have not watched any of it till now, just grab your popcorn and binge-watch all the episodes till the end of Season 3. 

You will notice that season 3 will ends on a cliff-hanger, the group has been seen separating, the non violent personality of Cesar is seen opposite when he leads to Santos, Spooky seemed to leave the group, some more unusual events happened which left us awestruck and wondering what will happen now with this group, will they eve come back as a unit?

The expectation from the actors are very high and we can be sure that the creators will resolve all these open endings in season 4.

The star cast should be same in Season 4 too, with some addition and deductions in the lead characters as follows:

  1. Sierra Capri as Monsé Finnie (a headstrong Afro-Latina tomboy)
  2. Jason Genao as Ruben Martinez Jr. (a Mexican, also known as “Ruby”)
  3. Brett Gray as Jamal Turner (a nerd and an African-American)
  4. Diego Tinoco as Cesar Diaz (an intelligent kid)
  5. Jessica Marie Garcia as Jasmine Flores
  6. Julio Macias as Oscar Diaz (Cesar’s older brother, also known as “Spooky”)

Season 4 will definitely come with lots of twists and turns and we need to see it through on how it will stir the story around these 4 main kinds in the story. There can be n-number of starts to the Season 4 story like al 4 kids going on a separate way or they might be seen finding a way back to each other. Speculations are high and all we need to do is to watch all previous episodes and get ready for the season 4 release.

Until then stay safe at your homes, take care of your health during these tough times of Coronavirus outbreak. Stay abreast with us with more amazing news and article.



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