Will Leon Cook be back in Casualty?

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Casualty fans said a great goodbye to Leon Cook tonight (May 1) and nonetheless it has been short and sweet to be frank. His time with the ambulance crew finally came to an end. At the end of the episode, the viewers may have noticed the paramedic walking away from the hospital after being turned down for a more permanent role on the team he has been working with.

Leon has now left Holby for pastures new after being on the screen for significantly less time now. In tonight’s episode, we witnessed how dejected the people-pleasing paramedic must have felt on the ambulance team when Iain pipped him to the post for a full-time position. Due to the tips he received from Fenisha, Leon was really looking forward to it and in addition to that, he was also hoping he would get a chance.

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However, he was left disappointed as he learnt that the panel was looking for someone with more experience than he already had. Though the twist hits you when you figure out that the person replacing this post is none other than fan favorite Iain Dean who cleverly swapped his role as a paramedic for the HEMS team 18 a few months ago.

Amid Jan’s drugs and smuggling chaos, we definitely witnessed his growing concern after returning to Holby last month. Iain thus decided to pipe Leon and go for the position himself wherein he would get a chance to keep a good eye on her. However, nothing is totally lost for Leon as Iain was good enough to make proper arrangements for the poor fellow and put him forward for a job in London.


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