Will Smith: Is He Planning To Divorce Jada Pinkett Smith?


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are one of the most iconic power couples in Hollywood. From celebrating multiple awards wins to raising their three kids, they have done and witnessed so many things together. They walked down the aisle in 1997, and have been together and strong ever since. They never felt shy to discuss the ups and downs in their 23 years of marriage. They have also faced every storm, which also includes their separation.

Will Smith is one of the most popular and successful actors in the Hollywood industry. However, even successful people like him can have personal problems. And currently, Will and Jada’s separation is everywhere in the news. There are rumors that they will get a divorce soon. We hope that it’s not true.

Jada talks about dating R&B singer August Alsina on Red Table Talk

On July 10, Jada went to the red table, at the center of her Facebook Watch show to talk about the rumors about her and August Alsina. It is an online show by Jada Pinkett Smith, which features her mother and her daughter. The topic of that day was infidelity. The rumors were that they had an affair over 4 years ago. She sat across from Will and explained to the audience that August Alsina came into their lives when he was sick. They felt good to help him.

Will Smith: Is He Planning To Divorce Jada Pinkett Smith?

Later on, when she and Will were separated for a while, she became involved in an entanglement. She was in a relationship with the R&B singer after she and Will were over. She revealed that she wanted to feel good. Also, she felt happiness in healing Alsina, who was struggling with addiction. Will stated that they decided to separate for some time to figure out how to make themselves happy.

At the same time, there were some rumors that Smith was involved with model Heidy De la Rosa. Will also said that during the dark days of their marriage, he was unsure if they would ever talk again. But they came back together because they have a family. And they reconciled now and have no secrets. He revealed that now, they have unconditional love for each other. 

Is Will Smith planning to divorce Jada Pinkett Smith?

Will Smith and Jada Smith’s relationship is rock solid, and they will always come back together stronger than ever. However, recently, rumors have been flying around that they will get divorced soon. If you have seen the recent episode of Red Table Talk, then you know how it all started.

After the infidelity episode, fans, news sources, and media have started making stuff up about their relationship. We know that Will won’t file a divorce just because she dated someone while they were separated. Will has often called Jada his life partner. If you are one of his fans, then you already know that he is a gentleman.

Even Jada clearly stated the viewers she and Will are a family that will never go down. She added that it doesn’t matter to her what people think. At the end of the day, Will can always rely on her for the rest of his life. So there are zero chances of him divorcing his wife.


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