Will Taylor Kinney not be there for season-10 of ‘Chicago Fire?’

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You know what is the toughest part to see in your favorite TV show? To see your favorite characters leaving the show which were there in the longest run. And what if I tell you that chances of Taylor Kinney leaving ‘Chicago Fire’ are quite high! Yes, I know it’s heart wrenching for the fans. Taylor Kinney playing as Lieutenant Kelly Severide in the fire fighter’s show, had a contract till Season-9 of this drama. Kinney has been there for 195 episodes and is considered a very loyal member of the One Chicago Franchise as he never signed up for any other production while he was still on the show. There might be a chance that the contract will be renewed and the fans will be watching him again, although there is no news of his return yet.

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The most intriguing feature of the ‘Chicago Fire’ has been the cliffhangers at the end of every finale and I must say they do know how to keep secrets. This show has always left the fans to keep on wondering whether they will be able to see the characters in the next season or not. Lieutenant Kelly Severide, Joe Cruz, Harold Capp and Tony Ferraris are seen in the last episode of the season, they are trying to save a person in the middle of the ocean but their strategies fail as the boat is seen to be collapsing on their heads. They are in the ocean their oxygen tanks are running out of oxygen and they are anxious and suddenly the episode ends; that’s a cliffhanger I was talking about. Now as Kinney’s contract is ended fans are wondering and literally praying for his survival in the ocean so they get to see him in the next season. It is still not clear when Season-10 will be out as there are still no birds chirping about it but if things stay as scheduled we might expect it by fall of 2021.

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