Will the central character come back in the reboot? The Gossip Girl bosses reveal.

Source: Digital Spy

The new remake of Gossip Girl is just a few days away, but you might wait for some of the biggest names from the original to seem fan-friendly.

Joshua Safran, a series producer for 2007, discussed the idea of cameos in the Entertainment Weekly and clearly said that if more minor characters might pop up during the very first season, large ones such as Blake Lively and Chace Crawford won’t.

“We made a decision early,” he added, “and I was apprehensive about this decision, but I thought it was correct – it would never be acceptable to the public if they were in the shadow of the original characters. 

Source: Glamour

“Screen time is not enough. You would remark if Blair appeared in two scenes, I want more Blair. So the decision was, ‘We’ll have Season 1, and if we get season 2, we’ll have the opportunity to bring in cameos more than glorified cameos, but genuinely give them history.’ I hope we will reach and reach the cast once the time comes to see if they will.”

Although she won’t appear on television, Kristen Bell does resume her position as Gossip Girl blog/Twitter narrator and voice, or whatever she is. The UK broadcasters have been told that they would screen the revival and the original on HBO Max on July 8 in the United States.

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