Will The Netflix Premiere ‘The Society’ Be Getting A Second Season?


The Society is a mystery, young adult drama created by Christopher Keyser, who is also the creator of Party of Five, and co-produced by Marc Webb. So far, one season (consisting ten episodes, each about 50 minutes long) has been released on Netflix on 10th May, 2019. The series has received generally favorable reviews.

The lead role of Allie Pressman, a girl who has always lived in her sister’s shadow, is played by Kathryn Newton who has also acted in famed shows like HBO’s Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning drama, Big Little Lies. 

Who will be the Cast of the season?

The show’s cast also includes other acclaimed actors such as Sean Berdy, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Olivia DeJonge, Kristen Froseth and Rachel Keller and has won the hearts of fans already in season 1. On that note, season 2 is going to engage the same cast for continuing the unbreakable bond of fans for their favorite characters.

Will The Netflix Premiere ‘The Society’ Be Getting A Second Season?

Updates on Interesting Storyline and Release Dates of the season

The story line of “The Society” revolves around a diverse group of teenagers who try to build social order with the limited number of rations available to them after they find themselves stuck all alone in a parallel universe where their small town is wiped out of its entire population. 

This series presents a wide range of characters unlike the typical cool-kids vs the nerds usually seen in teen soap operas. The show provides the right blend of the teenage angst and passion. The rough contrast of their need to solve seemingly trivial teenagers’ problems while also trying to survive on their own and figure out a way to go back home makes this show interesting and binge worthy.

The show has been well received by the fans and has an 86% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. The development of the second season will be continuing the consequences of actions taken in season 1 by Gordie and Bean’s. The release of the season 2 got confirmed two months after the release of the first season.

 As the production of the show started in 2019 itself, we can expect the season to be released soon. Though the sequel was scheduled to be released in the later part of 2020, the exact date has still not been officially announced due to the ongoing pandemic. 

So, stay with us for all the latest updates of the season.


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