Will There Be A ‘Princess Switch 3’?


Princess Switch was a 2018 Christmas movie following the age old troupe of “Prince and the Pauper”. Despite its predictable storyline, the movie doesn’t fail in evoking the christmas spirit in us. Following the movie’s success, Netflix released a sequel to the movie this year called “Princess Switch: Switched Again” featuring three Vanessa Hudgens.

You can watch the trailer of the movie here-

Will there be a third movie?

Though there has not been any official announcements regarding another sequel, when asked about it in an interview, Hudgens replied, “Nothing has been filmed yet,” Hudgens said, smiling knowingly. “But, you know, we gotta keep the Christmas spirit alive!” hinting that there may be another film.

What will be the plot of the sequel?

If Netflix decides to follow the trend it has set so far, then we should be seeing four Vanessa Hudgens in the next movie. But what will the fourth character be like? Well, Netflix has hinted that as well!

If you watched closely, you could find the 2019 christmas film, “The Christmas Prince” being referenced in the “Princess Switch: Switched Again” and the same happened in “The Knight before Christmas” another one of Vanessa Hudgens’ films. So there is a chance that Brooke, the character Vanessa Hudgens plays in “The Knight before Christmas”, will be the fourth character!

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