With Annoyance At Cops High, Officers Face Greater Danger


A man walks up to a group car and opens fire on two sheriff’s second in command sitting inside. Two cops are shot after answering to sound of gunfire at the time of an objection.

The firings- one at LA and another is 200 miles far in Louisville, Kentucky. After two weeks. They are the sharp notice of the dangers law enforcement officers at that time. Then anger towards them in the wake of police killings of the American Black. Just as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor boiled over it. 

I believe it is preferable that folks are looking to do harm to police. As per the reports of Chicago police. 

The regard as guilty who shot the second in command in LA has not been caught so it is not known that why he unfolded fire. Authorities have not said why the suspect in Louisville who occupied and targeted the cops. 

Those shootings have taken place via protest of a major jury verdict not to charge police for Taylor’s murder. 

It is not clear how many times officers across the country have been shot at. Police have stated that such calculations are not presented ready.

The few logics are available like assembling by the FBI.  it shows so far this year 37 law enforcement officers in the US have been feloniously murdered. In the line of duty as per 30 such demises at this point last year. 

There are some 8k police agencies across the country and tens of thousands of uniformed law enforcement officers. 

Experts are agreed that it is no accident that such brutality comes at a time when Floyd’s killing and the resulting national protests have shove law enforcement officers into the limelight. 

The footage of Black Americans being murdered or wounded by cops have played out across the nation’s broadcasts. 


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