With Two Batman, The Flash need to take care of some issues


A DC movie is going to feature two versions of Batman in it which is a good thing for superhero fans. Batman movies are always exciting, and therefore The Flash is going to feature multiple versions of The Batman movie.

However, the two Batman can be a nightmare as well. The Flash has to overcome some challenges along with the Dark Knight unfolding.

The two Batman can develop suspicion against each other:

Being a paranoid individual Batman is famous for having a contingency plan. Therefore, the other Batman may feel the same way and both of them may be constantly building a plan against each other.

One batman can be extremely resourceful but having two of them can flip the plan as well.

With two Batman comes twice dilemma:

Though The Flash is not about Batman at all but features two Batman, we wonder this doesn’t changes the plot.

Alot of Caped superheroes:

With two Batman The Flash have to perfectly manage their screen time. Its not like we are expecting to see several action scenes but with several caped superheroes the movie may end up with several action scenes.

Each role should have their value represented:

The flash will be featuring two Batman, Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton together, but will there be an end to it. The Flash is going to be the biggest tease of the time, so everyone will be eying for the Affleck’s Batman fate.

To assure that the movie is about Flash and not Batman:

Will the fans care about Flash if two Batman is going to be there in the movie. We are not sure if that is going to happen, but if it happen then who is supposed to carry the blame. We hope the fate of the Flash doesn’t tur out to be the same as it did for the Joker in the Suicide Squad.

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