Woman Robbed in Chicago’s Near North by Group Carrying Multiple Weapons, Police Say.



  • A lady got robbed in Chicago’s neighborhood.
  • Three thieves drove away from the scene after looting the woman.
  • According to the report, the men had multiple weapons like spray, gun, as well as a knife.
  • Cops are still searching for the men in the neighborhood and nearby areas.

Investigation Report

According to the cops, a lady was robbed in Chicago. The robbery took place on Wednesday near a North neighborhood. Sources reveal that she was surrounded by three thieves. They threatened to harm her if she did not cooperate. Cops also stated that the group had multiple weapons, which they used to threaten her.

The Chicago cops stated that the 22 years old victim was passing by a neighborhood. She was walking in the 100 blocks of East Superior. The incident exactly took place around 5.45 pm. Suddenly, she saw a group of men approaching her. The women felt uneasy and felt something was about to happen.

According to the authorities, the group of thieves had multiple weapons, which included a handgun, a can of chemical spray, as well as a knife. Each one of them was holding one weapon. It looked like they were all prepared to pounce on the women.

Authorities stated that one of the offenders, who was carrying the chemical spray first stole the lady’s purse. The other two held the weapons against the woman. When all three men got what they wanted, they jumped into three different dark-colored vehicles and escaped from the scene. Everything happened so fast that the lady got no chance to call 911 at the time of the incident.

Investigation Report

Those men left no trace behind while fleeing from the scene. Also, the lady couldn’t note down their car numbers. According to the investigation, currently, the three thieves are roaming free in the city. And due to that, the cops are unable to take them in custody.

Sources reveal that three detectives are investigating the theft and will soon catch the men. Chicago cops need the local citizens to help to find them. So if you find any details about any three suspicious men, then contact the police immediately.

Final Verdict

Luckily, the woman was unharmed during the incident. The Chicago police have informed the people to stay alert and urged them to call 911 if they see any suspicious activity. Also, detectives are still investigating the case. So come back soon for more information about the theft case.


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