Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins on the movie’s theatrical release date


Countless highly anticipated projects have been pushed back due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis that has naturally affected the entertainment industry adversely.

Though moving theaters have reopened, releases like Tenet have miserably failed to attract the audience and meet their earning potential and at the same time, there have been very limited new projects that are in line for a release. 

Fans are now left to wonder whether there’ll be another delay when it comes to the release of Wonder Woman 1984 that was earlier scheduled to arrive in theaters sometime in December.

Due to the pandemic and the closed theaters’ situation, the much-awaited Wonder Woman 1984 had been delayed a number of times and now the current release date is just a few months away.

Owing to the movie’s intended theatrical release, director Patty Jenkins was asked several questions to which she responded by saying that it seems possible to her that the release will be scheduled for Christmas. However, in the same interview, Patty was also heard discussing the uncertainty of the film industry. 

She said that you cannot be confident of anything in times like these as there’s no guarantee or prediction on what the course of COVID is going to be like. However, it did seem that she is confident enough for the sequel’s release sometime during the holidays, through her speech.


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