Working Moms Season 5 – Mothers with Internal Super Powers!


Hello everyone! Each one of us in the world is familiar to the word Mother. Today, we are back with some crispy and amazing news of a show named Working Moms.    

A show based on power, talent and excellence of great working mothers!       

This is a Canadian television sitcom comedy show which was released on CBC channel on 10 January 2017 with a set of 13 episodes. 

The series is created and directed by Catherine Reitman and produced by Wolf and Rabbit Entertainment company. 

The whole show deals with the challenges faced by the working mom in her day to day life. And after a couple of years, this amazing show premiered globally on Netflix for all the die-hard fans.

Working Moms Season 5 – Mothers with Internal Super Powers!

What about the Storyline!

The show is set on a group of 4 women named Kate, Anne, Frenkie and Jenny who are struggling with their love life, professional life and parenthood almost every day. 

They face all the challenges and try to get the life back on track. After the end of maternity leave, they handle all kinds of crisis whether it was related to job, children or her own depression. 

In the new season we will get to see the new challenges and way of dealings by super moms without losing their charm.

Those who didn’t watch its previous four seasons, we suggest you to to watch it as this show is properly based on real life struggle of the working women!

What about Airing!

The show has been officially renewed for its fifth installment on 13 April 2020 and we got this fabulous news by Twitter!


As this is a Canadian show then it is very obvious that season 5 will first premier on CBC channel and then on Netflix. Its fourth season was premiered on Netflix on 6 May 2020, with a set of 8 brilliant episodes. 

Curiosity among fans to know about the upcoming of season 5 has been seen at such a level that  it became the main reason behind the early announcement of this season

As every season took at least 1 year so, we are assuming that season 5, will hit the box office and seen on everyone’s screen in the beginning of 2021!

What about Casting!

Good news is that, all the four charming and brilliant women will definitely reprise their role in season 5 with their dramatic family. 

Till now, there is no official announcement about any change in the casting so, we are assuming that characters will remain the same!                                           

Names of 4 charming women characters are enlisted –                                                    Catherine Reitman as Kate Foster                                                                                  Dani Kind as Anne Carlson.                                                                                          Juno Rinaldi as Frankie Coyne.                                                                                        Jessalyn Wanlim as Jenny Matthews.          

So, just turn on your mood and stay tuned to know the exact release date!

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