World of Wonder bosses Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato talk about Drag Race’s future


Rainbow Crew is a continuous meeting arrangement which praises the best LGBTQ+ portrayal on TV. Every portion exhibits the ability chipping away at the two sides of the camera, including strange creatives and partners to the network. 

Next up, we’re addressing World of Wonder fellow benefactors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato about the fate of Drag Race.  

After 12 seasons, various side projects, and endless sovereigns, RuPaul’s Drag Race has formally become the gay Super Bowl, commending strange ability in the standard more than ever. 

The race is something other than opposition, however. When LGBTQ+ individuals actually face bias consistently, it’s crucial that drag hotshots like RuPaul help us to remember our quality and flexibility as a network. 

The universe of Wonder fellow benefactor Randy Barbato lets us know “Drag will spare the world,” and he may be onto something. Regardless of what your identity is or where you’re from, our Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent has the right to sparkle, and shows like Drag Race assist individuals with taking advantage of that, moving us to live our most genuine selves.

We plunked down with Randy Barbato and individual World of Wonder fellow benefactor Fenton Bailey to talk about the fate of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and why it’s still so significant at this herstory-production point. 

For what reason do you think Drag Race is more well known than any other time in recent memory in 2020? 

RANDY BARBATO: It’s about RuPaul, and it’s about the sovereigns and their hearts. This show is tied in with interfacing with who many individuals believe are far-fetched saints. They aren’t improbable saints to us.

They are our saints. We love these sovereigns, and I figure you can feel it when you watch the show. Individuals are roused, individuals are moved, individuals are engaged. 

With the goal that’s the rocks of the show, these stars. Their progressing achievement, and the way that this show really dispatches vocations, is a demonstration of the way that they are in certainty all whizzes. 

To keep the show new, we have a stunning group of makers who are unendingly attempting to concoct groundbreaking thoughts and fun things. Furthermore, Ru is continually pushing everyone. Like, what’s in the engine of this test? What are we truly attempting to do here? Everybody is truly roused to make extraordinary TV.


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